Road Of Our Lives

Singer: Nievera Martin

We are traveling the road of our lives
Finding our way with the will to SURVIVE
Dealing with the lows and the highs
Day by day

On OUR JOURNEY we will do the best we can
If we stumble and fall and we STRUGGLE to stand
Lift us up with your helping hand
We'll be on our way

Whatever you do, I'll walk with you
Hoping that your every dream will come true
Anytime anywhere, I'll always be there
Wishing you LOVE AND HAPPINESS because I care

When it's shining bright I'll be by your side
And in the darkness of night, I'll be there to GUIDE
Holdin' on to each other tight
Come what may

As we travel down the road of our lives
Making our way with a dream and the drive
Trading the lows for the highs
Day by day

"A meaningful lyrics for a moments like this.... Thank You Lord for always holdin' on me tight and become my GUIDE..."

With Love,
Little Rose


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