St. Marcelino Pan y Vino

My friend Liza lend me this movie last night. She mentioned about this movie quite a few times and glad that i get tow atch it myself. It was a touching story of a little boy and i am amazed by his affections towards crucified Christ on the cross. He know who is that on the cross and she did not afraid to approach Him. Here is a little description about this life story of St. Marcelino.

This is the story of a 5-year-old boy who was abandoned by his mother in front of a Franciscan Monastery when he was a baby. He has grown up to be a very curious, bright and naughty boy with the deep affection and care of the friars of the monastery. Marcelino’s keen curiosity leads him into various adventures and fun events.
Marcelino, who is gifted with a special ability to talk with animals, lives happily and energetically with the friars in the monastery surrounded by funny friends including Candela, Dr. Mateo and many animals amidst glorious nature such as forests and beautiful rivers. However, he has no memory of his mother and always wishes to meet her. The friars teach and protect him with great love but sometimes they are puzzled by Marcelino’s questions and actions.
One day Marcelino meets a man crucified on an old cross in the attic of the monastery. Seeing a quiet, wounded and haggard man, he feels great sorrow and sympathy for him, although he doesn’t understand why the man has been crucified.
As he visits the image of Christ in the attic and brings him bread and wine each day, deep friendship and affection for the lonely man begin to grow in the boy’s heart.
"Marcelino Pan y Vino" is a classic story for people of all ages. Children and young viewers can enjoy the series along with their parents and other adult viewers. This will bring the family together to enjoy these fun adventures and learn what’s important in life.
If you have time, try to find this movie and watch it yourself this weekend. God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. will try watching it. thanks for sharing!!

  2. marjaan--did u watch this movie yet?

  3. Its an awesome movie! The best heart touching one I've ever seen... A must watch

  4. Its an awesome movie! The best heart touching one I've ever seen... A must watch

  5. i watched it, and it is very good movie


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