Takakura Composting Again!

It is true that when you are still working in the same field of your previous work, you will use all the experience and knowledge that you gain before in the new work place. That is lucky so the skills continues and more experienced gained.

However, since in my previous post my trial on the composting using Takakura Home Method is still not established (not sure if the youth continue doing it right now) so, i need to do another trial at this new work place. Still i am lucky because after get back from Japan last year, i get new contact person from JICA that doing this method before. I get to know a few circle of friends and make new network on the Environmental Education. Another lucky me. He he he... 

So, here i want to share one of the video i coincidentally found in You Tube while searching for more info about this THM. This video is giving you full procedure on making Takakura composting. But, it doesn't mention about the measurements of each materials used. But it is okay to try yourself at home, maybe just in a small scale, just like what i did at home now. Weee... :-)

But then, i am still thinking if i want to use fermented soy to produce fermentation liquid, i need to have regular supplier because it is difficult to have one here in KM. So, i search again how to make fermented soy or Tempe myself. I found this.

Credit to Google Search (forgot the website)

That's all for today!

Little Rose


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