God is Great...!

Last week, on Friday... I feel very down. Something not so good things happen in the office etc etc... Feel very weak, emotionally break down (i may say)... Never feel this BAD for so long.. This one makes me feel like i am a fool, stupid, alone, angry (all sort of negative feelings). Get out from the office, enter my car and burst into tears in my car... Call my bestfriend, and talk to her for a while.... Feel better but just a lil bit. Drive back home and when i reach home, i don't know what to do.. I am lost... Take my bath and thinking of going away but don't know where am i heading. Feel like to drink some beer with friends and make myself drunk and forget all of these mess. But deep inside my heart say something else. HOLD ONTO JESUS. Log in FB and write my status:
feel like to vomit.... emotionally break down....
why makes my life so miserable... why can't make it simple and let it go....
i need an alcohol shot...... or a silent moment with Jesus?

Take my car key, drove to my friend's house near town. Along the way, my brain keep thinking all sort of things. Asking Jesus why is this happen to me. Push play button of my car mp3 player.... suddenly this song on air:

I feel like He told me, He is there for me. Just hold on Him and He will be by my side. I am not all alone as what i think. He is my Father which i can depend on. It touched my heart so much and i sang this song together with the player on. After this song, continued with another song. And it was this one that really makes me humble down my own self.....

As if Jesus is talking to me that He know how bad i feel that moment. That He know, i want to cry out but i don't have anyone at the moment with me. He told me to cry on His shoulder. I burst out into tears and i really  cried out like a child. I let go all the burden in my heart into His hands. Let go everything and i realize, my life is in His hand. He can lighten my burden. In Him i am not ALONE. I am weak when i am not with Him.

Thank you Jesus for touch my heart and never leave me alone.
Praise to Him the most high!
God bless!

Shower by His Blessings,
Little Rose


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