Let's Talk Something #1 - Environmental Education

Okay, i am too much on my not stable emotions this past two weeks. Maybe it is because too many things happen at the same time and i am physically tired too (that's why i get sick..huhuhu).

So, today i want to share a few photos i captured during EE Race 9 organized by EPD end of June this year. Last year we have the same programme too but this year is more FUN!!! Yai!! I love the fact thats all the teachers were very excited and the spirit to learn something new is inspiring me. Here we go...

Ice breaking session - solve the puzzle

Short brief by the Village Head at Kg. Cenderamata II on Micro Enterprise
Explanation on the process of preparing good seedlings for plantation.
Hands on experience yai!! (jadi general worker kijap)
In front of the eyes.. cable yarding harvesting...hmm.. something new perhaps!
R & D incubation space.. cuttings.. cuttings... cuttings... trees...
The kampong people ready to do handicraft demo... get ready to learn it!
Leisure Time!!!! Spend some time at the refreshing clean river.
Now is the time to share all the knowledge and experienced they gained!!!

Can you see all the teachers are all very hardworking? Taking notes, listens carefully to the explanation, some very eager to do practical parts and even enjoy the moments!! They did learn a lots from this four days programme. Thank God i am one of the fasilitator and i love these teachers.... (^___^)

Till then!

Inspired Liitle Rose


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