At Work Place.....

I can not tolerate with people who:
  1. Hypocrite (double faces) ---- see Wikipedia for the full definition.
  2. Talk only no Action ---- Haiks.... bikin panas ni orang begini ni.
  3. Complaining ---- Esp talk bad about other people (i oso do sometime but if everyday.... dooohhh... please, no body is perfect.. ko perfect sangat kah?).
  4. Take things for granted ---- Sometimes things that looks so simple and easy become so complicated when you just overlook that thing okay...
  5. Perfectionist ---- Well, some people love being so mess up but work still can be done... Adopt with other people work style.. (Nda semua orang hebat macam kau bah!).. See Wikipedia for the difinition....
  6. Double standard ---- Please just be FAIR okay.... See Wikipedia for the meaning of this..
  7. Gossiping in the office from morning till lunch hour and then continue till end of office hours... ---- Please, i have things to do.. I need to complete my work!!
  8. Bla bla bla.....
Okay, enuff said. Still got some more but i think if i list out all of it, you will not feeling like to work at my work place.. Yai!!!.... Sorry to say but that is the reality, maybe some of you face the same things at your work place. How do you overcome it? How do you face people like this at your work place? Have some tips to share with me? If you do, please share with me... Thanks..

Work with ethics,
Little Rose


  1. kalo sia lah sia kasi biar saja!!! kasi tuli saja tu telinga asal dia teda kacau sa lah pigi dapan2 sa itu tatap sa confront!!! that's why i dont get close with staff yang suka bawa mulut!!


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