Decision has been made.....

I have decided, i have decided. Please don't make me change my mind again. I already give my 100% to this decision. Don't make me have a second thought about this. There is no turning back. Errkk... Is it? Ahhh... why is this so difficult?

I thought after made this decision i will feel at PEACE. But why is it still feel so HEAVY inside my heart? Am i making the right move? Am i make the right CHOICE?

Jesus, lead me to Your way. Lead me to do more of your Will. Lead me and guide me.

Uneasy Heart Little Rose


  1. ros, kenapa kau bingung2 nih? jgn bingung2, minum dulu kopi. hehe

  2. the most important decision in life is always hard to made.

  3. Like Zac Brown Band said, "You might fall down on your face, roll the dice and have some faith". All the best with whatever u decide Rose. Kita minum dulu!! *kopi*


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