....... Helpless

Credit to Demotivation.us

This is me right now. Don't know what to do. In the midst of something that i don't know how to decide and how to come up with the solution. I am blank, i can not think, i am confused, i can't get any good answer. I am just ......
I don't know....

Confused Little Rose

Update at 3.37pm:
Reading Word of God online and found this site Spiritual Catholic - Your Hope is in God.

One thing i found there is this:
Everyone of us needs inspiration and encouragement, especially in the times like this!
Without GOD and without HOPE there is only one thing left – depression.

Lord Jesus is the source of POWER to live my daily life.
Thank you Jesus.


  1. Hi rose pray to god seek for his guidance. in a meanwhile have your self some sweet time to relax and clear your mind.

  2. Thanks Rose.... Really need HIM to guide me and lead my way ni...

    Happy All Soul's Day and All Saint's Day... Take care & God bless ya.

  3. Hello Rose, I agree with Rose Flower. In Jesus, we can handle everything and God does not give something that we can't handle. God bless and take care Rose ^^

  4. keep on praying..God will hear you..
    apapun kasi relax ur mind...tarik nafas panjang2...jangan stress..


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