Finding Icebreakers Game

I was searching for an icebreakers game for youth gathering tomorrow. Just moke the gathering is more fun and not stressed up with all the discussion that we will be doing. Besides it is good also to have a leaership games. I surf and search in Google and found quite a  few interesting games. Let me share one or two of the games here. It maybe give you some ideas if you need to do it to in future.

# Leadership Icebreakers - The Newspaper Hop
A simple and fun game for a group of participants to see their own teamwork and planning skills in action. It is suitable for most groups to play. However, do be sensitive to people who might be uncomfortable about being blindfolded.

#Purpose• To illustrate the importance of planning and collaboration in the team
• To practice effective communication

#Team Size

About 6 players or more

#Materials Required

A bell
Two blindfolds
Masking tapes to hold down newspapers

#Time Required

About 20 minutes


1. Divide the group into two teams.
2. Set up 10 pieces newspapers in a straight line, as shown below.
3. Each team blindfolds one of their members and gets them to stand at each end of the newspaper line.
4. The objective of the game is for the two teams to use ONLY the bell to guide the blindfolded member to the other side of the newspaper line.
5. The game is over when the representative from both teams has successfully reached the other side.
6. The winning team is the one that their representative to the other side first; they get one point.
7. If the representative touches the floor, he is ‘dead’ and must return to the starting point.
8. Inform the teams that they have 15 minutes to get the other player to the other side and they are not allowed to communicate during the time they are blindfolded.
9. The game continues until all players have gone through the newspaper line.

Debriefing Notes

1. How did you feel when you were blindfolded?
2. Is there anyway you feel blindfolded at work?
3. If so, based on what you learnt from this game, what do you think everyone can do such that work is done well even though someone may be 'blindfolded'?

*Adapted from Leadership With You
P.S: I hope we can play this game tomorrow. Quite easy to be done and the youth will learn something through this activity.

With Love,
Little Rose


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  2. Oli--Thanks but yet i can not play this game because only 8 youth attend the group meeting. Sedih rasa hati... :-(

    Line--Will go through it when i have free time. All the best with your study!


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