True Confession #2 - What i Think of Myself Right Now?

  • Demotivated of my work because my project is nowhere to go. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. Can i just tell my bos that i can not make it already? Can i just tell her that i am enough of all this? It has been two years of my struggling to understand my work scope but yet i am still so lembap to understand it all. Can i just tell her that i QUIT... Will i become a loser... not a fighter? Of what i always think of myself before? Is this happen because i am so stress or it is because i am too emotional? #$%^&*#$%^&*  
  • Feeling sick, unhealthy with my environment at home and at work. So many cat's fur in the house and so many dust at work esp at the construction site outside my office. Very unhealthy environment. Need to get my cat injection before the condition of it's hair fall worsen and my healthy also become worse. 
  • The source of negative thinking is too much until i can not see things in positive way..always negative first then go the positive (itupun punya susah)...
Enough, no more confessions here. Till then!!!


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