True Confession #3 - I Have a Snake Phobia or Ophidiophobia

A phobia is the intense fear of something or some situation. Many phobias leave those who suffer with the inability to interact on a day to day basis in regular life situations. Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes or snake phobia is not one of those fears. But, the fact that the person who suffers from a snake phobia is not placed into the fearful situation on a daily basis, does not take away from the very real fear caused by the thought or sight of snakes. Read more at 10 Most Common Phobias.

Can i define my phobia as Snake Phobia after reading this definition? Maybe half of it is true because i have seen other people that react worst than me if they encounter with snake. Even if it is only a photo of snake. They can throw away whatever they hold in hands and screaming as if it is real. Me? Is not something like that. I just afraid/scared of snakes because they are venomous. But yet, i still have this creepy feeling when i think of snakes.
Wagler's Pit Viper Tropidolaemus wagleri 
Photo Credit to JC Schou
I used to be one of field biologist before. I am involving in quite a few of field research on wildlife such as mammals, herpetofauna, odonata and birds. Out of these studies, i am not so comfortable with herpetofauna. Herpetofauna is inclusive of amphibians and reptiles such as frogs, lizards, and snakes. I can hold frogs and overcome my fear with lizards but SNAKES? I can not hold it in my hand. I am just scared. I tried a few times to hold it in my hand but i just can not push away my thoughts of fear. Crazy thoughts that the snake will bite me and so on. So, until today, i still afraid of snakes.

I still remember at one time, my friend invited me to visit her aunt's house somewhere in Kemena, Bintulu. We went there and she so happily told me that her uncle having something special for our dinner. Guess what? It was a ......
A snake meat and it is a python.
Photo Credit to GOOGLE.
It was prepared so deliciously and the smell is so goooood.... I really eat that dish a lot, a lot.. But, my friend already told me that it was a python meat, so i only manage to eat only one slice. To finish that small tiny one slice took me more than 20 minutes. All that naughty and scary thoughts was lingering in my mind while i am eating that small piece of meat. Yai!! What an experienced! Ha ha ha ha...

If it was prepared as good as this, why refused to eat right?
But, i just can not.... Huhhuhu...
Photo Credit to GOOGLE.

Alright, that is all about my confessions for today. How about you? What is your phobia secret to confess?

This is written while i can not sleep. My eyes still keep open widely and so i blog. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I hate snakes too. i have one though and it bit me the other day

  2. Eugh I detest snakes! gegar mek mikir ya... mek takut ulat juak ko. ya jak.

  3. Pete--most of us don't like snakes but i get to know a few people that really loves snakes.... hhmmm..

    CG--ulat? alalala... least ulat sekda bisa cam ular ho..


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