A Change....

If you follow me, you can see i write quite frustrating posts lately. It is because i am quite disappointed with myself, my works, my surroundings etc.. So many disappointments. When i sit back and reflects, i find out this will not do good to myself. I need to do something... I need to CHANGE. To change my attitude, to change the way i am thinking and react towards the situation i faced now.

The first thing that i do was, i CHANGE my table position in my office. From the beginning, from the first day i sat on that chair two years ago i don't like the position of my table. The entrance door to our office is behind me. I need to turn my head 180 degree if i heard the door is open. This has become my habit and i don't like it. Our office is small so every time i think of rearrange it, i am afraid the room will look more crowded than ever. For sure my workmate will not agree to it too. Actually we did discuss about rearrange our table too last year but still can not think how.

Yesterday, when my boss is not around and my workmate is not around, i rearrange our room. Hmmmphh.. after some thoughts and with help from friends, we change it. Now, I LOVE IT! I don't have to turn my head anymore, the entrance door to our office is on my right, the door to our room is in front of me. Behind me is only wall.... Ahh... this is how it is feel when you make a move and start to change.

I am thinking of making our room is a green office. For now, i have a few plants on my table. I will make me comfortable and i am sure i can think well and working well too. The good surroundings will create a positive aura to work. Even though the people you work with is not that good but still when you start to like the surroundings/ environment you will create a positive aura. Hope things will work well. I am thinking of getting more plants such as this. Love it!

Photo credit to Google Image
Nice isn't it?

I found out some interesting article on 10 reasons to grow plants:
1) They add aesthetic value
2) They occupy space
3) They reduce noise
4) They fight stress
5) They fight colds
6) They remove toxins from the air
7) They improve the smell
8) Some produce food
9) You may cultivate a hobby
10) They make great conversation pieces

So maybe you want to do some changes too. Change for good. I am just start to do something to make my life feel more valuable and appreciate it everyday. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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