THM Composting Mini Project - Progress

Hai All,
I am very sorry for my so late updates on my current activities. Okay, i have some to share here. Still remember i was really busy these past few weeks. So many activities is going on. Here, i wanna share a little bit on my activities with the YOUTH GROUP. This is supposed to be posted in my Nature Blog but here also fine, i think.

On the 18th of July, the Youth Group and i were organized a demo for THM for our Housing Residence. However, only 3 participants attend our demo. We were quite disappointed with the feedback from our housing communities. Even though there were only three of them, we continue with our demo and slides presentation. I am quite proud with my youth because they really can deliver the presentation and demo very well. I must say WELL DONE to their great effort.

Next, we will keep on continue with our project and i hope we can introduce this method to our communities in this housing areas. For now, we are still doing the trial for our plants and seems to be it is doing well.

Share some of our photos here:
Prepare our materials for the demo the day before demo at my house..
The Group Leader, Ms. Hana deliver her presentation on THM theory.
Ms. Vivian show the participants on preparing the fermentation liquid.


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