I am still awake.....

It's already 2.17 am. My eyes still wide open. I am suppose to write my report but yet my brain can not working. But still i have to utilize this remaining time to complete this task.

Where to start? It's already half way, about 50% complete but i am not in the mood of doing this. How to push me and give my last efforts to complete this? I am just wasting my time FB-ing and BLOG-ing...

If my working style is keeping this way, i may get fired from my big boss. No company want to waste their money with lazy employees like me. Huhuhu... How come i become like this? I always complete my work before the due date but now, the due date is over and my work is still hanging on the bridge. Waiting to fall down the rocky streams. Yaiks! What happen to me? Sad... sad... sad... a like this.


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