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It's Sunday. I was prepare myself to attend Mass at church this morning. Grab my mobile phone and before leavingcheck if there is any call or SMS that i missed. Arh.. two SMSs. Read it through and i get LOVE SMS from my bos. Hmmphh.. still i did not complete one last task that she asks me to do. Seems to be she is already mad at me. Admit it, it is my fault. My own weaknesses that i can not do my own work.

So, decided to cancel my plan to attend church. Instead of heading to church, i am heading to the office. Most of the data is in my desktop so i can not do it at home using my lap top. Get my unfinished document from lap top, save it in my pen drive, grab my mobile phone and purse with house keys, car keys and almost forgot office keys. Heading to office.

Arrive office and lucky bos is not here. I will peacefully doing my work. Need some light breakfast before start. Boil water and while waiting, switch on my desktop and log in. Search for some documents that i need. Yah.. all is here.

Make black nescafe and drink it with some bisquits i brought along from home.

Now, i am half way my work. Break for 10 minutes and write this post in my blog.

Hope you guys having a great and Blessed Sunday (not like me stuck in the office)...

Okay, continue writing my assignment! God bless!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. sempat update blog indah... Hehe. work on a sunday, sucks right?

  2. CG--mun dah duduk sorang lam opis, banyak giney pun keja kamek tok sempat ngantok.. mok elak tertidur, bagus buat "iklan" sebentar so fater that bolehs ambung keja balit... he he he.. but yep.. keja time sepatutnya sik keja memang sik best...


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