Uncomfortable..... Always a moments that makes me into an awkward situation. All is written in my face and action. When someone irritates me, doing something i don't like, i can not pretend. There will be no smile in my face, no words comes out from my mouth. Just silence and unhappy face.

This really makes the situation uncomfortable to me. Feels like to run away from that place, can not do things i use to do. Can not smile and laugh out loud. Just feel uncomfortable being there with the person.

Need to change the negative aura to a positive one? Need to learn how to takes things easy and let go? Need to be more open to the differences between us? Can i do this? I just want to be me but for better i need to change my attitude. Hmmmmmphhhh..... Till then!


  1. Tolerate dengan minum kopi tenom kaw kaw... biar sampai u numb. :-)) good luck!


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