I browse through my main blog at MY CHOICE ~ Walking Through Nature. Read my old posts since 22nd April 2008.

Realize that i did enjoy doing my previous work. Feel blessed of what i have that time. Feel that My Dream Come True. Touched reading my own post on Reflections.

No matter how i plan my life, it will end up not as i planned. Not as how i want it to become. I only plan it but GOD have greater plan for my life.

No matter how hard i try but if it is not right for me, God will not lead me to that path. He will guide me to another path.

But, still there is no harm in planning our life. Not by our own will but with God's Will, it will happen how God want it to be. He always provide us the best because He loves us. Thank you Jesus for guiding me.

With Love,
Little Rose


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