If it's only me.....

i have many friends but still i feel lonely
i easily make new friends but not good friends
i treasure and love my friends a lot but i hate to be left behind

i can get along with people around me but i might be pretending to be happy
i can smile and laugh at any occasion but sometimes i have burden that i carry
 i may get very sensitive and emotional but i have something disturbing my mind

i may quite and serious but it is not that i am thinking hard


  1. True friends are the ones that you dont have to worry about being their friends. thay are the ones that you sometimes only see once a year and continue chatting without even being aware of the time that has passed since you last spoke to them
    Hang in there

  2. Thanks Pete. It just something that i can not speak out coz it might hurt a friend. Thinking that i can handle it by myself but the fact that i couldn't. Thanks for your words of comfort. God bless. Hugs.


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