my 400th post...........

Will not saying much words.... Just want to share these three clip videos for my 400th posts today. These three songs from three different artists with all catchy and meaningful lyrics. Enjoy the songs!


  1. CONGRATS MY FRIEND!!! and thanks for the songs..

  2. Happy 4ooth post! wah, banyak betul dah tu. :-))

  3. Marjaan--THANKS MY FRIEND. Glad that i have a blogger friend like you. Hope you like the songs, all is Malaysian Artists. Good day!

    CG--Thanks dear. Ha ha ha, sik terasa jari menaip and baruk perasan ku baruk jak stat blog tok 22/12/2009. Baruk mok masok tahun ke-2 thn tok. Padahal semua blog post pun merapu2 jak. He he he..


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