..... i am worried

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A fiend of mine, admitted hospital yesterday. She got hypertension. I did not know that she have this illness. A little bit disappointed with myself because i did not take seriously of her condition a few days ago. She did complaint about her dizziness and not feel comfortable with it. Even on Sunday, both of her feet swollen. Since, i did not know that she did have hypertension, i think it is not that serious. So, i only ask her to go for a check up at our nearby clinic. But she refused to do so. Until yesterday, she almost fainted but she arrived hospital at KK safely. Today she still under doctor observation at Intensive Care Unit. She have minor surgery to help reduce her blood pressure.

Somehow, i am still worried about her. I can not do much from a far, if i am by her side i still can comfort her. But for this distance, i only can pray for her. Asking God to help her to get through this critical situation. To keep her strong to survive this. To keep strong her family members and be able to support and comfort her. I will visit her this Saturday after work. My only hope is she will recover soon. May God bless her.

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With Love,
Little Rose


  1. apuuuuu cik...anang dek kenya. jaga diri manah2, x ibuh tension gilak!

  2. cewek.. alu ku teringat maya aku melawat kau sakit dolok.... huhuhu

  3. my best wishes to your friend.

  4. Thanks Bijja. She is doing fine now. God bless.


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