True Confession #6 - Being COMPLICATED

Did you ever feel that you are being complicated in everything? In your relationship with your parents, siblings, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers or even strangers? Me? Yes, i did feel that sometimes i was the one that always making things so complicated. Until one day i realize, why i did it that way, this way and why not make things simple and people can easily understands me. Therefore, there will no misunderstanding and we can cooperate easily. But somehow, life will not so exciting right? Ha ha ha... When i wanted my life to be interesting and exciting, i think i did hurts others feeling. Break their heart for what i did, maybe without noticing it.

When it goes to work and study.. I am as complicated as ever too. Tried to make my work simple and workable, but still i think it is so complicated. My study also the same. I thought it simple at the beginning but at the end, i think it is so difficult and complicated.

Can i become more simple person and live my life easy and not complicated anymore? As long as i give others love and the love sure comes back to me. Can i?

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Some people are just born with a complicated set of thinkings. Like me, like you. Good and bad. But most of the time, we just go with the flow.

  2. CG--Do you think so? Can't we change it? I still think somewhere somewhere, we still can change... :-)


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