Tired of numbers and sleepy...

Since morning i am doing the checking of our projects expenditure. It's 1452 hrs now and i am tired of those numbers and makes me sleepy. So, log in to my blog and write something here to be away for awhile from these numbers. Actually it was since i yesterday, after i sit back on my sit in the office after one week break.

Do i like numbers? Not to say LIKE but it is okay for me. Not to say hate but i am doing fne with numbers. In high school i love Modern Mathematic but not so with the Additional Maths. I took Principal Account (Prinsip Akaun) in high school and also during my uiversity year. Trying to become one of those accountants but nope, this is not for me. I get irritated when my ledger never balance. So, i know that i will not doing well as an accountant.

But today, i have to do something related to account or i may say MONEY. Wah.. i wish this is my money but nope, it is company's money.. Huaaa... I am just doing the calcutation. Ha ha ha ha..

Okay, i think i need to get back to work, since my eyes is no longer tired and sleepy. I am ready to get back to see those numbers. Till Then!!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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