What is my nature of work? CSR?

Ever heard of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR? Me, myself get to know CSR only when i get an interview for this job about two years ago. I have no idea what is this career. Is it something new to Malaysia? Hmmm... i think it is not so new but yet the approach and understanding about CSR in Malaysia is different from other countries out there. The practice is different here.

I am not a sociologist or anthropologist but i am a conservationist by my bachelor degree. Working in conservation field for about three years before move to this new career, CSR. So, it has been two years seven months i am working in this new field.

What is actually attract me when i decided to change my career path? Because CSR is something to do with helping people to change the way of their life by providing them skills, opportunities and build a self dependent communities. Is it tough job to do? YES, it is a tough task. Why? Because our people have so many providers out there to provide subsidy fund, infrastructure, etc. Our government launch many schemes to help poor people to help them to eradicate poverty in this country. Is it really work? Is it really helping our people to survive? Is it really sustainable approach to do? Bare in mind, once our people was called a "subsidy communities". Rely too much for government support to survive? Maybe?

However, the trend is change bit by bit now. The private company's start to learn more new things about CSR approach. Guess what? This is a very GOOD NEWS because the CHANGE of our communities mind set and attitudes will increase. So, we can have the INDEPENDENT COMMUNITIES rather than a subsidy communities.

Okay, am i talk rubbish here? Nope, i try my best to talk about something more important than just rants about my frustration at work. So, that's it for now. Hope this will help some people to understands that i am no longer working inside the bush, i am working with the people of the forest... mmmmm... sounds still related to the bush right? Ah.... it's okay, i don't mind about that. I MUST HAPPY with my call, to work with the PEOPLE. Till then! God bless.

With Love, 
Little Rose


  1. Hello, looks like a very interest job you have though the designation sounds rather intimidating, ha ha.
    You just do your best.....I'm sure you are, and have fun.
    And may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
    Have a nice day, and keep a song in your heart.

  2. Uncle Lee,
    Thanks for the word of encouragement. I can not do this by myself because it is tough job but i believe, nothing is impossible. :-)
    Take care & God bless.


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