People's Change......

I don't believe in this for so long. I always believe when i am good with people around me, treat them well and nice, trying not to break any promises and do not do anything that break their heart. They will never change in any way of our friendships and as far as i am trying to keep the friendship, they will do the same too. Sound innocent am i?

To share my story here. Having one bestfriend during secondary school. We are really close shared all the happy and sad moments together. If anyone hurt me, she will stand for me. She will trying her very best to protect me. Such a very nice friend right? She is really my Guardian Angel. She woke me up in the morning because she know i will be late for breakfast if she is not doing it. I cried a lot missing my parents at home and i can say i am still a crybaby when i am in secondary school. She did her best to cheer me up. I will do the same for her. But i did a very bad/ worse thing to our friendship without noticing it really break her hurts. I am CHANGE because i found someone new. Because this new friend trying her very best to keep me away from my bestfriend and the worst thing is, i did not know it. Fool me because being so "lurus bendul". After a while this new friend abandon me and i am alone. My bestfriend hurt a lot and our friendship is not restored. I lost my very best buddy in high school because of my own foolishness. We still friend but there is no way we get close as before. The situation is so awkward for both of us even though we did forgive each other. So, after this incidence, i  was trying my very best to treasure my bestfriend. Trying to be with them when they need me, trying to console them when they faced a hard time, will shared with them tears and joy. Trying not to CHANGE because i hurt my precious besfriend in high school because i CHANGE.

But, this is not true indeed. If i am not CHANGE, my friend will CHANGE. That is life. People will change though times. Through their environment. I lost quite a few of my best buddies. Why? Because of time and space. FB, Email, SMS, phone calls, the borderless world..... technology is nothing if there is no efforts to use it. If it is only one sided love, will the marriage become happiness marriage? If it is only me trying to keep the friendship but the other side is not doing anything? It will not work. So, i lost contact with some of my best buddies because they did not replied me they did not inform me they move or change their phone numbers.

So, what left for me now? LIFE GOES ON. The memories with them remain with me even though we did not contact each other anymore. Thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to get to know them and spend some part of my life with them. May God protect them and His blessings always be with them.

Till then! God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


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