When i am young, i depend so much on my parents, siblings.... As i grow up, i tried to handle things in my life by myself. Even so, i still need advice and opinion from my sisters and brothers or even my friends.

When i start working i tried my very best to be independent. To take control of my own life. To learn to make decisions for my life. To work hard and gain some income to support my own living. Trying my very best not to give trouble and burden to my parents and my siblings anymore. I hope i did so.

But then when i see or met people with no initiative to work hard for their living, i feel pity for them and a little bit disappointed. With all the resources and good, strong health they can do so much work to gain something for their living. To improve the way of their current state of living but then they only waiting for government or company to support and help them with subsidy. The mind set of these people is so shallow. If there is no more government to support them, how will they survive? If our peaceful country involve in war or natural disaster and there are no more stable government to support them, how will they survive?

That is why i always believe on this Chinese Proverbs, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."... 

With Love,
Little Rose


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