Walking Back Home

Went to the office with my friend. Decided to do some car pool because of limited parking space. The pack/ jam parking space makes me lazy to drive my own car. Besides car pool is better in term of fighting for Global Warming? I think so. Reduce cars running on the road. It was started yesterday i've decided to follow my friend to the office.

On going back home, i follow another friend but then i only ask him to drop me at the housing entrance gate. Decided to take a walk to reach my house. Stop by at the store to buy carrot (for my friend since she had a stomachache, hope this will help) and also a bottle of 100 plus, also for her. Hope with this she can recover from dehydrating. Greets a few of my friends. Get a few questions such as, "Kau jalan kaki ka?..... Maybe they were curious why i am walking today. Just telling them that i need some exercise. After bought these two items, i walk back home. Along the way, i notice a few things.

There were a lots of kids, playing basket ball at the basket ball field, climbing up trees, cycling, walking back from school, playing badminton in front of the house and so on. Pass by a few unfamiliar faces and give them a smile. They smile back at me. While seeing them return a smile to me, it makes me feel warm inside. Feels like, even strangers can exchange smile. That is wonderful.

I keep on walking... This kid, i forgot her name. She is mute/ dumb kid. I pass by her house and she look at me with a question in her face but then she smile and wave her hand at me. Must be she curious why i am walking today? Usually i pass by her house when driving my car. It's okay little friend, don't worry nothing happen, i just want to make some change today...

I reach home after only about 15 minutes walk. I feel great when i reach home. Something interesting happen while i am walking for about 15 minutes. I can see so many things and met quite a few people, friends and strangers. Exchanging smiles and greet each other. There some other things that i see but never mind let me keep it for myself. Happiness and sadness.... Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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