Rose Ragai Earrings Project - Part 2

It has been a while, i did not produce any earrings right? Hmmm... it is due to my work loads and i don't have materials to produce different design or type of beads. I was having a meeting at KK on Friday so i have a chance to buy some new materials. I am still new to this crafts so, i am not good in selecting beads and other materials for producing earrings. Besides, it was so difficult to find the right shop with varieties of materials and worth buying. There was one at Wisma Merdeka but it is very expensive, another one at Sinsuran and it is expensive too. A friend told me there is another shop at Segama street, so i found two shops last Friday. The price is just okay and cheaper from the other two but not many choices. With the new beads, i produce another nine design of earrings but still very basic and simple. He he he.. I am still a beginner okay! Here it is.

Okay that is all nine of my new inventions. Ha ha ha... Just an ordinary one because still i don't have any addition to my materials. Any suggestions? Comments and advice for a beginner like me? Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. collection no.3 & no.7 is mine already thanks to u..... keep up the good work... now my turn to join u with this hobby hehehehe...

  2. Joan--My pleasure.. he he he... still not so creative and innovative la.. Bah, cepat2 la kau stat buat.. let's do it together.. lepas tu kita buat business online sama2.. ha ha ha


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