Cherish the moments that God gave me today. Be grateful of whatever i have today. Always trying to feel better today than yesterday. When yesterday seems to be a hard day, hoping that today will be a better day. Better than yesterday.

Woke up early, get ready to work. Having my breakfast with some cereals and malt. Taste nice. Enjoy the moments because i will never know maybe there will be no tomorrow for me. I will never know when God want to take me away from this temporary world. To be with Him eternally.

I am ready now. Ready for this day? YES. I am ready, ready to face another day of tense working day. When i am hoping and praying for a BETTER day today, i hope you also have a beautiful day TODAY. God bless. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Thanks Rose... Your words really inspired me to really appreciate each day so that it will pass without any single regret... Your words bless me which is I believed that it is coming from God, through His Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ... Amen

  2. Greetings!

  3. MosePA--All i can say is Praise be to God. Be His blessings always shower on us in each and everyday of our life. God bless.

    F.a.Ellis--Thanks for drop by. I did visit your link and great site u have.


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