Forgive & Forget

I am talking too much these few days. With quite a few things that happen and pop up in my mind. Something happen again today. But i don't want to elaborate much about it. Just to reduce me talking too much, i am sharing these great videos from You Tube about Forgive, Forget and Letting Go. There is always a reason why i come up with all sort of things this few days. I am trying to reflects through my own experienced and what i observed and learn from others. I hope this videos will help those who are in such situation right now. The GIFT of FORGIVENESS is AMAZING because it will make us live our life PEACEFULLY and full of JOY in our HEART.

When there is HATRED let there be LOVE....

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Rose, remember saying something useful is not a waste of time. You never know what (positive) effects it may have on a reader. Never think you talk or think or write too much... It is good for all!! Kepp them coming!!
    Nice thoughts. "To err is human, to forgive is Divine!!!"

  2. marjaan--i am so sorry for not responding to your comments. Anyway, thank you for your encouragement. I still keep on writing. :-). God bless u.


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