I am being grateful of what i am and who i am now. REALLY?? I may say YES at some point but sometimes i forgot to be grateful when i think of getting more than i have right now. Am i greedy? NOPE. It is just my human feeling that i tend to envy others for having a lots of better things in their life compare to me. But then, when i meet or see others who are less fortunate than me, i am GRATEFUL that i am who i am now.

I don't want to become greedy. I want to APPRECIATE what i have. I want to thank GOD for giving a great life for me. I have enough food to eat, a house i called home to give me shelter, a job for me to move on with my daily life..... I have a wonderful parents who loves me, I have my great brothers and sisters and i know they love me too, I have sis/bro-in-laws , nieces, nephews who can stand with my quite an attitude... I have aunts, uncles, cousins, relatives who may knows me or may not but they are my kin.... I have amazing friends near and far... I am truly blessed so that i HAVE to be GRATEFUL for what i have in my LIFE. Thank you LORD JESUS.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Thank GOD for everything..Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me tht we should be grateful for what we have today. Don't complain and just be grateful.

    You take care and have a fun weekend.

  2. Hai Stella--My pleasure. Sometimes we tend to forget that we are full of His blessings and we have enough in this life. Be grateful and appreciate for what we have, this is a Gift from God.

    Blessed Monday dear.


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