Something i Want to Talk About.....

Something come up in my mind... Something that i think i want to share here. Before i continue with my writing, i want to say, this is just my personal view okay. Not to condemn anybody or anyone or whatsoever. 

I notice that i can easily trust people. I can easily click to anyone that i can share stories or experiences with me. Is this my weakness or my strength? I am not sure but it will depends on the situation. But still, at some point i feel this is my weakness. In this tough and rough world, there are various types of people around me, i met each and every day of my life. In my working life, my personal daily life. When i feel there is a strong chemistry between me and the person that i met, i can easily become her or his friends. That is me! If the other person is having sincere intention to become my friend then, i may say that i am lucky enough. However, if that person have hidden agenda such as wanted to make use of me or pretender a.k.a hypocrite then i am into trouble. I used to be stabbed at my back. Twice or thrice or quite a few times. Until my friends told me, i am too naive. 

Once, my bestfriend's mother gave me an advice. She told me not to trust 100% of my bestfriends (she is referring to all of my bestfriends that i have around me). She remind me, please keep 30% of my secret for myself. Don't share everything with my bestfriends because i will never know when the person that i called bestfriend will someday become my enemy. She or he will use my secret back on me. Hmmm... that is really quite an advice from my friend's mum. I must say thanks for her valuable advice.  

Alright, actually there is a reason why suddenly i wrote this thing today. Something happen but yet i can not share it here. I still wanted to keep it for myself and for that person. So, till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Hi I just started following you.. I think you ask a question that has beed pondered by many over many years. How much of yourself do you put out to people. How much do you keep to yourself. That in itself is a very private matter. We all keep so much of ourselves to ourselves. We share the most with the one person we loves and learn to trust but even then we keep some to ourselves.

  2. JIM--yep, need to keep some for ourselves. Peace. God bless. :-)


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