Empty Mind

When i am stuck in the middle of something, i am BLANK. Nothing i can think of while i am in that situation. I need some space and quite moments to think and do some reflection. Try to figure out what is actually happen and what should i do to ensure i can go out from that situation. However, most of the time, i am running away. I am running away from solving it. Am i doing the right thing? NO. People always say that running away is not the solution. YES. Maybe they are so true about it. As for me, emotions can control me and because of the emotions i come up with the solution “RUNNING AWAY”. Even though i know it is not the right thing to do.

I am judgemental? YES. Sometimes i do judge people. Why? It is not because i am PERFECT but it is because i see things not done according to the plan or something is not right. Is it COMPLAINING? Maybe.

Okay, i am not thinking straight now. My mind is lingering and i can not focus with my work, that is why i am writing crap in here. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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