Joy. Happy. Sad. Angry. Blank. Blues.... etc... All sorts of feelings, which mode of feeling do i have right now? An hour ago, i am a little bit piss off with somebody and i burst it out. I can not control my emotion and i shout back. Hmmm... Feel not good about it though. That is why Malay proverb tend to say “Terlajak perahu boleh ditarik, telajak kata buruk padahnya..” Maybe i hurt other’s feeling today. Maybe i made them mad at me too.

So now, am i regret for doing it? NOPE. I did not feel guilty about it but only a little bit uneasy in my heart. Why? I think i already get used to it until i did not feel guilty anymore. Working environment like this makes me become someone that sometime i did not even recognize myself anymore. BUT... I am still who i am. Don’t worry, i am still a HUMAN being and have compassion for others. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose

P.s: Did i write the correct one? Feelings or Emotions? Hmmm....


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