When i see, taste and hear something from my surroundings, it will trigger my brain and will makes me think. What is that? Why is it like that? How come it is that way? Lots of questions come up in my mind. Maybe it will be a positive way of thinking or negative way. It is all depend on me, how i control my thinking.

You see, as i walk back home yesterday, my brain keep on thinking on what should i write in my blog when i reach home after this walk (he he he... catch me huh!!).. 

As far as i allow my brain to keep on think from all aspects of senses that i have, i will keep on thinking.

I want to control my mind, i want to keep myself in a POSITIVE environment. In order to get that i need to CHANGE the way of my THINKING. I need to keep on with the HAPPY mood that i have this morning till the end of TODAY. I want to have a poductive and fun at work today. But you see, i have to face one problem as i write this post now. I am SLEEPY. Need to fight this sleepy mode and that is why i write. (^____^).. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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