Mother's Day

Mother's Day.... Have a chit chat with my friend. She told me that she miss her late mother very much especially on the Mother's Day because they always celebrate it when her mother still alive. I envy her a little bit in my heart because i never celebrate one with my mom. I told her to pray to God on this special day for her mother soul. For her to rest in peace and be with HIM.

Every year when my friend wish their mum's and bought special presents for their mum, again i envy them. They really celebrate that day, Mother's Day with their mum. ME? I don't have one of those feelings on Mother's Day.  WHY? Because each and everyday of my life, in my heart... MY MUM IS ALWAYS SPECIAL IN MY HEART... in my mind, I KEEP THINKING OF HER.... I MISS MY MUM A LOT. (now my tears start to run down..okay2... emotional a little bit..)...

I am sure, mum feel the same for all of us, her children. Keep thinking about all of us, misses her children very much... hoping all of us in a good health... No matter if it is on our birthday or not, she will have all of us in her mind, in her heart. My mum is not remember us by dates because she is not a modern mum, celebrating birthdays or Mother's Day. She will be HAPPY if we are around her, to be with her. Even so, she still can not show it or express it directly to us. For that i always HUG her, KISS her cheek when i get back home. To let her know that I LOVE HER VERY MUCH.

Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses from your youngest daughter,


  1. iboh sedih gilak cewek... just pray for her soul okay. God bless...

    Love you dear.


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