When i am working as a field biologist i develop my observation skills. Most of the time when i went into the forest I will observe animals from mammals until the little damselflies. I get used to the movements of the birds on the trees or a squirrels jumping from tree branch to another. Seeing a lemur glides from top of the tree to another tree. The sound of the birds always makes me wonder of what species is that could be. The curiosity is very high. Wanted to know more and see more of any wildlife species. That is my passion, to understand and learn more about them and their habitat.

NOW? I am working with communities, i develop another parts of my observation skills. To understand more of how different communities have their own way of life through their culture and traditions. The attitudes and mind set of different ethnic are obviously distinct. Through my observation, i get to know who i can trust and who is actually play around with me. Trying to manipulate me to get something for their own good. This skill is so complicated to develop because i am someone who easily trusts people. Easily drown into somebody who can convince me with their words. Am i that easy huh? YES. That is who i am before but now i ask JESUS to walk with me every time i am doing my work with the communities. If it is HIS WILL then let it be. This current job is quite tricky and complicated because most of the time i have to use this observation skills to understand people attitudes. Are they really genuine or are they liar or manipulator? It is not an easy job even though people always says that my job is FUN.

So, till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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