Sports -- Squash

It has been a while i did not do any sports. Feel very lazy because of too many out station duties. Travel here and there.

Today, i plan to play squash with some of my friends. I did not have racquet yet but hope to share it with my friends. I want to let my body sweats and get rid of all the toxics in my body. I realize that after i am sweating my body become more energetic. Suddenly i wants to do all my house works or even back to my gardening activities. So, i hope our plan for today will be on.

See you guys at Squash Court!!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. sis main squash! best eh... i've always wished i can play squash

  2. oli--bukan pandey pun. try2 jak tok. palu bol kuat2 hentam ke dinding..lepas stress bah.. :-)


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