I want to have a vacation. A long break from my job, my work place. I want to be away for a while. Looking for an online ticket at Air Asia, Mas Wing and Fire Fly but still i don't know where to go. Checking my leave balance and it is only 4.5 days. Ah... still too short for a week holiday. I always dream to go to a place i've never been and alone. I want to feel how to survive alone. Can i make it? Hmmm... i am not sure and i am not confident i can make it alone though.

There are a few places i want to visit, I want to visit my friends John and Jodi Ferner at Ohio, USA (i miss them since our last meet January 2007), i want to visit Mama Nini at New Zealand and quite a few friends there, i want to visit Mr. Rob at Samarinda, Kalimantan (hope i get the right one, is it Samarinda?), i want to visit my niece and nephews at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam... I miss my friends and families la... mmmm...

Beside visiting them there are a few other places that i want to see and explore. I want to see how people survive at Smokey Mountain, Manila.. I want to see where Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta start with the Missionaries of Charity in India... I want to visit Asissi where St. Francis of Asissi are from.... Hmm.. so many places but i am not sure which and which will become reality. Only my wish list.

Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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