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What people THINK?......

Some people think they are soGREAT
Some people think they are just an ORDINARY

Some people think they are so PERFECT
Some people think they are WEAK in so many ways

Some people think they are DAMN PRETTY
Some people think they are JUST OKAY
Some people think they are UGLY

Some people think they deserve THE BEST
Some people think they are BLESSED
Some people think they have been CURSED

Some people think they are LOVED
Some people think they are UNWANTED

Some people? …………

Can not EVEN THINK! Errrkkkk….. (spoiled)…!!!!

With Love,
Little Rose

Giving VALUE to myself....

Did you ever face a problem valuing yourself? Especially when people ask, "What is your inner strength? What is your value? What is your personal qualities?"....  I find it is difficult for me to see any good values in myself. Why? Maybe because i am the one who look down on my own personalities and did not given any values of myself.

I find it is very difficult for me to write any good things about myself when i write my resume or curriculum vitae. Especially when i need to write about my personal qualities (mau pi promote yang diri tu bagus bah kan so la susah ni..). If people compliment me of my good work or my look that day, i feel grateful and appreciate it but at the same time i feel ashamed of myself. Maybe too low self-esteem. Need to gain some more self-confident and self-esteem la like this.

Okay, i find this article is very motivating and i hope it will help you guys too if you face the same problem as mine. I am in the process of accepting myself of who i am and …

Gempa Bumi di Kundasang ~ 29 Sept 2011 (3 petang)

Hello guys!

Just mau share sikit ni info yang sya peroleh dari sorang kawan di FB. She get the news from Malaysian Meteorological Department website. Since dorang kasi keluar dalam laman tu, mustahil la ni April Fool punya news kan? So, just beware of this la... Check for more news esok. Ni gempa bumi masih yang minor ja around 2.9 pada skala Richter but still kita kena berhati-hati. Terutama sekali pada korang yang berada di sekitar Kundasang/ Ranau.

Ni la pengumuman yang kena buat pasal gempa bumi ni:

Take care guys! God bless!
With Love, Little Rose

what you can do today........ start with SMILE

" Today can be a great day for you and for others - if you take time to smile at someone, to express a word of kindness, to lend a helping hand to the one in need, to say a heartfelt thank you and to give a word of encouragement to the one who is overwhelmed with trials."

by Caroline Naoroji

Have a Blessed Wednesday Morning Everyone!
God Bless!

With Love,
Little Rose

Let's Use Social Media to do Good ~ Social Good 2.0

Recently i am planning to use my blog for something more than just an ordinary posts but an information too. Something that i can share with others and also benefits most of us in this blogging world.

Youth Asia own two companies known as GROUPON Malaysia and SAYS (which i think known as YouthSays before this -- hope i get it right). But, anyway, if you wanna know more, just click at the link of each site.  

Okay, now get back to this new campaign at The Social Good 2.0 is recently launched at this site for non-profits, grassroots movements, and NGOs to get help from social media users (just like us la Bloggers..:-)) across Malaysia to spread their causes. So, i am trying my BEST to do my part to promote this campaign Social Good 2.0 for us Bloggers to do some great things using our talent in Blogosphere.

So, now you can sign up at and start spread any causes that you would like to share with your family and friend (anybody out there). How to do is:

1)  Click at this…

what Heart can do....

"Living a day with anger & bitterness equals to taking several steps backward from happiness, from people you love, and from your dreams. Anger & bitterness are only a waste of time. Want to make wise use of time?? Do what the mind CANNOT DO but what the heart CAN DO. That is to make peace with yourself, and then you can start forgiving." ~ By Jessica Lona --- Indonesia
Have a blessed Tuesday Morning everyone! With Love, Little Rose

When i Trying to Hate Someone.....

Is the three words that more difficult to said out loud in front of a person that annoying me or hurts me. Why? Because the consequences after saying that is more hurting deep inside my heart. I will keep on blaming myself for saying a words like that to the person. Blaming myself for not control my own emotions, anger and blurt out those three words that for sure will hurt her or him the most. The worse part is when i regret of saying it in the first place. Why did i say it to her or him? It will takes more time to forgive myself for doing this to a person. So, that is why it is hard for me to say I HATE YOU out loud to a person. It will be easier to say I LOVE YOU rather than I HATE YOU. 
With Love, Little Rose
P.s: Sharing some LOVE with all of you who read this post! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

When I am Almost Give Up....

When i am thinking of GIVING UP... This thoughts came by .... ... .. . Came by the negative thoughts again.... Makes me wanna give up and stop this here...  Enough with it! But... .... ... .. . Just like a Football Games... the second half is still there.. The final whistle is not blow yet! There is still TIME left.. But... i am tired of doing it... Its really suffocate me..  But... there is a says... ... .. . At the end... TRYING MY BEST NOT TO GIVE UP  but TO KEEP ON GOING!
With Love, Little Rose

My Reading #1 ~ Training for Transformation

First things to confess, i am not good in doing reading. Why? I fall asleep easily (yaiii....!). So, that is the reason i can not do so much revision. I fall asleep only about 15 minutes after reading. Without warning, i fall asleep, i.e. when i woke up, it is already morning (if i read at night). I envy people that can do his/her readings without fall asleep. Okay, that is enough about that. Let share some of my reading just now (actually i fall asleep at the page of 14).

This book is a handbook for community workers by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel. As you know, i am not a Social Science graduate so i need to learn something about community work to get more knowledge/ information about my current job.

1) What is the real life problems of the people?

- unsafe water
- little education
- too little food
- no voice or power in decision-making
2) Skills needed for a new society - improve our communication - learn to listen - express our insights - diagnose together our needs - analyse the cause of ou…

Food.... What i Love?

Did not blog a lot about food yet because i did not have a good photos to share. If i told you through description only, there will be possibilities you don't know what i am talking about. Why? Because some of us from different part of the world and we have our own food especially TRADITIONAL FOOD.

Recently, we have "makan-makan" in our office and it is "port-luck" style. Everybody brought our own food (i only bring kampong rice with me - still delicious rice ma). All food were SUPERB!!! All are delicious but amongst all of it, this is the four menu that i LOVE the most!!!! ...

1) Ulam-ulaman (Salad) This is just like salad. Combination of lady finger, cabbage and cucumber (eating raw). Eat those with the shrimp paste (aiyah, how to describe 'sambal udang/ belacan' in English??).. Taste delicious and LOVE IT!
2) Kerabu Campur (Mix) How to describe this ah? This is my first time eating this. It is combination of bitter gourd, anchovies, chilli, mango (the…

Trying to create my own blog BUTTON

Actually i already tried a few times before. I sign to Photobucket to get my image code and yes, i get code for the image i want to use. So, i Google for Tutorials and tried my best to follow the instructions given. Yai!!! I can not even create one till now.

Today, i tried again after i saw Irene got her swap button section and a few other bloggers have their own button. All are so pretty bah.

So, i create this image using Picnik. The web free tools to edit images. It is awesome and for sure i will use this site for editing photos in future. It's really COOL.

I thought the image is quite okay for my button. Upload it to My Picasa Web Album to get the code. But still not working with the code for creating button. Tried another one, log in to my Photobucket account and upload it there. Still not working!!! Yah!! I give up guys! It takes me more that two hours to figure this out and still not working.

Since it is still not working then, i leave this behind. Will see if i still have in…

Get rid of this please ~ Skin problem....

I face this problem since i am still in primary school. During that time it almost stick there in my hand. Even so many skin lotion/ cream my mum gave me and i put it there but never met any doctor to consult about it. Anyway, when i am in uni, it almost gone, it only occurs when the water i use is dirty. Not as frequent as before. So, i am happy lah..

When i start working, it seems to cured, no more itchiness in my both hands. But, since i am working at this new work place, since 2009, it comes back. In a year it will occurs a few times. Getting worst when last year it also appear in the palm of my foot. Really uncomfortable and i can not refrain myself from scratching my hand and my foot. (adoi, girigitan owh, rasa mau pi bakar sama tu lilin, supaya hilang tu rasa gatal...).

So the only treatment that i do now is, soak both my hand and foot inside the warm water where i put a sprinkle of Alzara Natural Dead Sea Beauty Salt i bought from Cosway. I did it twice a day, morning and nigh…

Girl Day Out!

I get to know about Cathj Guest Blogger segment through Wyne blog. So, i am curious about it and get to her blog about "Meeting Up". Something cool (that is what i think at first)...

Get sign up for Polyvore and i am stuck with so many choices in there and yet i am not a 'fashionatics'. Just ordinary and simple lady! (But still i love nice cloths to wear and cool accessories). So, here is the condition of this meeting up.
"It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st."So, what i got here? Tada......

Girl Day Out! by roseragai featuring antique handbags

So, that is my outfit for the meet up.(Bear with me, i am not a trendy person! :-P)

P.s: If you LIKE my outfit, click to LIKE button under my name. I am #30 in the list. (^___^)
(Lupa sya mempromote outf…

Need Some Space....

Coffee on my table. Cracking my head to complete the detail action plan for FY 2011-2012. But at the end, i end up doing something else. Why? Because my head can not think anymore. You know what i do when i am out of motivation or my mind is BLANK? 
1.  Walking outside my room and start to disturb my friend, EM. Making up some stories and laugh out loud together or i start to show her new steps of aerobic that i know (siap buat aksi penuh lagi tp tanpa muzik la!)
2.  Making some drinks and of course la coffee. With some biscuits whether it is Munchy's or any other crackers brand. 
3.  Went to meeting room, do some stretching. But make sure i am out of sight from my friend AHB because he is the only male in the office. ha ha ha... some of the movements maybe 'uncomfortable' for him to watch. Wakakaka... (nanti kena accuse sexual harassment at the workplace)
4.  Walk across the building to my friend's, JG office (konon2 ada mau dibincang la..). Spend half an hour with her until …

Mark the Date ~ International Day of PEACE on 21st Sept 2011

If we have not PEACE, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. PEACE begins with a smile. —Mother Teresa
To be honest, i did not know there is a celebration of International Day of Peace and celebrated 30 years ago on this date (doi, malu skejap ni!). I read Irene post on Will There Ever Be World Peace, i still did not know about this day because she did not mention about IDP. Now is lunch hour so i blogwalking and came through Sr. Susan Rose blog. Her post was on International Day of Peace. I read through her post and surf the official website about this event. A'aahh... Now i realize that today is the day of this PEACE celebration!

“Young women and men everywhere are demonstrating the power of connection by reaching out to each other, and rallying together, in the common cause of the dignity and human rights to which their people aspire. It is in tribute to them, and the spirit they represent, that we have chosen … the theme of Make your voice heard.”
~UN Mes…

On Education ~ This Happen in Sarawak?

Last week i did write a few posts about Kisah Si Ongol and also a little bit on the school building made from bamboo on Malaysia Day. A friend of mine ask me about the case of the trio student left out of exam (UPSR) last week in FB. I did saw a few of my friends talk about it too in their FB status. However, I did not get the clear scenario of this case so i search through the net and i found an article written in Borneo Post Online on the 17th September 2011. Here is the article and you may consider to read it through too:

BINTANGOR: Three pupils of SK Bandar Bintangor were not allowed to sit for the UPSR (Primary School Achievement Test) because the school considered them academically poor and might pull down its overall performance.

The three boys were said to have been locked in a remedial room while their classmates sat for the examination on Sept 13 and 14.

When their parents complained, they were allowed to sit for the examination on Sept 15 – the final day of the examination.


How many times in  a year you have this feeling? DEMOTIVATE..... In your work, study, business etc. In many ways we are human lol and for sure this feeling will come by when something come along our way. The people we are work with, the management, the suppliers, the teachers, the education systems etc will somehow affect us in so many ways too. One of it, demotivate.

I Google the meaning of this word just to make sure i got it right, so according to Macmillan Dictionary (Online) this word is a verb define as to make someone lose their enthusiasm and interest. So, i got it right then! I hope so. :-)

Most of the time i get demotivate about my work. Maybe you also face the same thing as well when things are not well at work. I plan, i take action, i work hard to get the results but sometimes it end up stuck somewhere because of some problems that i can not solve (because it is not my jurisdiction to do so). So, end up, i feel like giving up and let it be like that. No more enthusiasm, n…

Children ~ The Precious One

To share a few cute lil faces i met last week. The smile remind us our own childhood. Didn't you? Hope you will have a BIG SMILE on your face when you see these cute faces as i did when i took their pictures. (^____^)

Hope you enjoy seeing this photos coz i love taking them. Till then!
With Love, Little Rose

Blessed Tuesday Morning!!!

Canticle – Tobit 13:1-8 God afflicts but only to heal Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who in his great love for us has brought us to a new birth (1 Peter 1:3).
Blessed be God who lives forever, because his kingdom lasts for all ages.
For he scourges and then has mercy; he casts down to the depths of the nether world, and he brings up from the great abyss. No one can escape his hand.
Praise him, you Israelites, before the Gentiles, for though he has scattered you among them, he has shown you his greatness even there.
Exalt him before every living being, because he is the Lord our God, our Father and God forever.
He scourged you for your iniquities, but will again have mercy on you all. He will gather you from all the Gentiles among whom you have been scattered.
When you turn back to him with all your heart, to do what is right before him, then he will turn back to you, and no longer hide his face from you.
So now consider what he has done for you, and praise him with full voice. Bless t…

I Love Your Blog!!!

Visiting a few blogs and some are really inspiring me. Some not so but still they have their own way of writing. Some are original some are imitating and some are quite an interesting fella. I found this award in one of the blog i visit but i can't remember whose blog was it. But then, i tried to search it in Google Image and it is everywhere. Seems to be this is a very popular award given away to fellow bloggers.

So, i would like to take the opportunity to give away this I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD to five beautiful bloggers that inspired me and also my so-called blogger buddies.

Cathy at Periwinkle Confessions. I think i coincidentally stumble upon her blog quite a few months ago and i get inspired by her writing. Since then i follow her blog and up till now, her writings still inspired me. To quote a lil bit about her from her profile. Trying to find God in everything. And yes, he is in my coffee and in the flowers in my mom's garden. ;)  Keep on writing girl!!

Coffee Girl at A bi…