New Gadget ~ Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000)

Photo credit to Google Image
 I was thinking to have this gadget for on the go work. But i am not sure if this will suits my work. However it have Thinkfree Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) to do some of writings. Is it really can work out well? But the size and weight of this gadget is easier to bring on the move. What say you? Any opinions? Besides it is using OS Android and i heard a lot of my friends saying that this OS is better. Is it? 
Photo credit to HP website
At the same time i was thinking to get this mini netbook but i already have my laptop at home. Hmm... Which and which should i go for? Need advice guys!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. hebat gadget tok, aku nanggak kawan aku empun. tp size nya yg besar ya sik best time mo pick up the phone.

  2. Get both? a netbook is handier and lighter to carry around. that hp is cool as well, but im not so keen on touch screen devices, theyre very fragile.

  3. Sorry I don't have advice on which to purchase -- but I can say, I don't think I'll ever have enough gadgets! LOL

    (I've never seen the Samsung Galaxy before.)

  4. FA--mun sik mok pakei nya as a phone boleh sik?

    CG--Budget sik cukup to get both.. he he he... My phone now touch screen juak. Okay la so far. :-)

    CEH--Thanks for dropping by. I am still not at the stage of collecting gadgets yet but i always love to have one.. he he he... :-)


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