True Confession #7 ~ Parts of me u may don't know

Wanna know more about me? Ha ha ha... This is just for fun. Who i am before and still some part of it, still within me. I am who i am and i am happy that i have lots of people loved me for who i am (is this makes sense...?) Maybe Yes maybe No.

I love drinking wine but not till i am drunk.

I smoke before but not now. I QUIT. 

I love dancing and listen to music. 

I am afraid of needle. I hate injection. 

I love babies and kids. Love being around them.

I love being around Sisters. Feel at Peace. 

So, that is it. A lil bit of myself. Is it TRUE? Ahaks... get to know me then (don't trust so much on photos because i can create stories through it). Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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