Another Inspiring Guy ~ Chris Medina

Visit AngelBear blog just now and read her post on What Are Words.... So, i give my time to watch and listen to Chris Medina song which he dedicated to her fiancee, Juliana. This is really a touching story. I will not comments much on this, you may spend some time, to search for Chris Medina & Juliana in You Tube. For sure you will find a lot about their stories.

Will share another video shows the progress of Juliana recovery here too. Not many will do what he is doing. Lets get inspired by him. He is an Angel send by God to Juliana.

God bless!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Hi Rose! I've witnessed Chris' and Juliana's love story from American Idol. And theirs is truly touching! Chris saw beyond the physical attributes of Juliana and loved her despite her acquired disability! His love for her is truly amazing. I find their story very inspiring. :-)

  2. Inspiring love story between chris and her fiance juliana. Susah to find such a humble guy like him nowadays. May god bless both of them

  3. Irene--I think i miss the moments in American Idol. But he really inspiring others by what he done to her fiancee.

    Rose Flower--Yah, bangaiku... he he he... Ya ba, ni lelaki memang sukar dicari. Dia sanggup berkorban untuk tolong tunang dia recover ni. Betul2 terharu dgn story dorang.

    At last i make use of his song to become music in my blog. really love the meaning of this song.

    Cheers & God bless guys!


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