Get rid of this please ~ Skin problem....

Left hand is worse

Right hand still okay...

See my foot also got this... doi punya la itchy...

I face this problem since i am still in primary school. During that time it almost stick there in my hand. Even so many skin lotion/ cream my mum gave me and i put it there but never met any doctor to consult about it. Anyway, when i am in uni, it almost gone, it only occurs when the water i use is dirty. Not as frequent as before. So, i am happy lah..

When i start working, it seems to cured, no more itchiness in my both hands. But, since i am working at this new work place, since 2009, it comes back. In a year it will occurs a few times. Getting worst when last year it also appear in the palm of my foot. Really uncomfortable and i can not refrain myself from scratching my hand and my foot. (adoi, girigitan owh, rasa mau pi bakar sama tu lilin, supaya hilang tu rasa gatal...).

So the only treatment that i do now is, soak both my hand and foot inside the warm water where i put a sprinkle of Alzara Natural Dead Sea Beauty Salt i bought from Cosway. I did it twice a day, morning and night for about 20 minutes. I helps to reduce the itchiness.   

Do you face the same problem as what i had? Share with me your experience. Who knows we can help each other. If i went to see the doctor the only medicine given to me is skin cream for scabies or something similar to it. It doesn't work. I keep scratching.

So, till then!

Update (26 Sept 2011 - Monday):
I can't control myself from scratching all over my both palms (hands and foot), so i decided to go to the clinic. Asking for allergic injection. This must do with something i eat and the environment. Yai!! Get the injection and anti-allergic pills. Hope to get better tomorrow. Taking leave for some rest today coz i did not sleep the whole night last night. At 3am i was soaking my both hands and foot inside the warm water, to get rid of the itchiness. I can't sleep till morning. 

With Love, 
Little Rose


  1. Amoi, go see doctor, or some skin specialist. looks like HFM leh... careful oo.

  2. Udah pi klinik tek. ada la kena berik injection. dolok dah penah kenak juak camtok. tok la antara habuan aku dapat each time aku balit dr field work di kg kat ulu nun.... dun worry, okay agik tok n hopefully bkn HFM lah... thanks for concern.

  3. Hi..
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