On Education ~ This Happen in Sarawak?

Last week i did write a few posts about Kisah Si Ongol and also a little bit on the school building made from bamboo on Malaysia Day. A friend of mine ask me about the case of the trio student left out of exam (UPSR) last week in FB. I did saw a few of my friends talk about it too in their FB status. However, I did not get the clear scenario of this case so i search through the net and i found an article written in Borneo Post Online on the 17th September 2011. Here is the article and you may consider to read it through too:

BINTANGOR: Three pupils of SK Bandar Bintangor were not allowed to sit for the UPSR (Primary School Achievement Test) because the school considered them academically poor and might pull down its overall performance.

The three boys were said to have been locked in a remedial room while their classmates sat for the examination on Sept 13 and 14.

When their parents complained, they were allowed to sit for the examination on Sept 15 – the final day of the examination.

The boys are Idie Ganyol, Edward Ujoh Augustine and Richmend Mangi.

Meradong assemblywoman Ting Tze Fui told The Borneo Post yesterday that the three boys were locked in a room from 8am until noon on the first two days of the three-day examination.

She said their parents lodged a police report when the incident came to light.

“Police went to the school to check on Sept 15, and found the boys locked in a room,” Ting recalled, adding that the trio were later sent to the examination hall.

“But they could only sit for English Paper I and II and one other subject,” she lamented.

Urging the Education Department to investigate, Ting said the school had been unfair to the pupils.

She was concerned because UPSR was such an important examination.

“Without sitting for it, they can’t proceed to secondary school,” she said.

She chided the school for denying the pupils their right to sit for the examination, and said the school’s concern for its overall performance could not justify its act.

“Not everyone is born smart, but they can learn. That’s why we need education.

“No discrimination should exist in our education system,” said the Meradong assemblywoman.

My point of view:
Unbelievable!!! The teachers are so dedicated to the education and dare to do things like this. But are they humane enough? A'ah... I still believe everyone have the rights for their own future. I agree with the comments given by the assemblywomen above, she got it right. NO DISCRIMINATION! I am glad that our teachers at my primary school did not do things like this to my fellow classmates because when we already at Primary 6 some of them still can not read. I am proud of my teacher, Cikgu Siti Bohari because she spend more times with them in the intervention class 3 months before the UPSR. Much appreciation to my dearest teachers at SK Kg. Kebuaw from 1988 - 1993. Proud being your student!!!! God bless. 

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I feel sad for the injustice done to the three boys. :-(

  2. Kau tengok itu Meradong Assemblywoman, punyala cepat dia betindak. kecik2 cili padi. best eh. suka itu ADUN. kesian those boys. i hope justice will be done soon. imagine itu adik2 aku ke anak buah aku ke org buat mcm tu, sapa tak marah?

  3. @Irene--This is the first case (i hope it is) and it was really a shocking news for me coz i always thought TEACHERS will never do something like this. Maybe teachers during my old days.

    @CG--Aok, nang nya laju juak bertindak. Muda agik ya, semangat agik bah. Aku pun heran kenaklah ada benda cam tok terjadi? Memalukan karier perguruan jak. Anyway, always look at the brighter side, hope others will take this as a lesson.


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