Are You What You Write...?

Blogging is some kind of a faster growing online personal diaries for people of this world. This same goes for me. I blog about my life, my thoughts, my happiness, my sadness, my frustration, my inspirations, my hobbies etc... Sharing so many things about what is in my mind.

While blogwalking, i find quite an interesting personal blogs. They blog about their daily life, activities, about their families, about their work, about their friends and loved ones, about their relationship with God. So, many to mentioned. Some are really inspiring and some are giving me a chance to reflects their experiences with my own life. But still i wonder, are they really what they write? But, it doesn't matter in this cyber world. Each blogger have their own privacy to talk honestly or create a fake stories to make them feel good and great about life and their surroundings.

As for me, i write what i feel to write. What i have in mind right now, but still i need to put some privacy in my writing. I still feel insecure to be so honest in this blogging world. Still keep some of my stories for myself and my real world.

Somehow, i feel great when i can share my happiness here with my fellow blogger friends. It also decrease my stress when i can burst out my frustration here, i have my dearest blogger buddies to give me some advice and opinion. That is how i make friends with other bloggers. Meet up with a new friends through blogging.

Still, i am what i write, it is my thoughts and my point of view! Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I am... If you see me in person, you'll see I'm big, strong and friendly. Do you get the impression when reading my posts?

  2. suituapui--You talk a lot about good food. Thanks for that but still i can't imagine you as a person but still u have something interesting in yr writing. God bless. :-)


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