New in A Family

The title sounds interesting right? I get two new born kittens on 7th of September, morning. But today, one of it died. My little hairy friend, Joy deliver two babies that morning. I am super excited that morning when i woke up but when i saw the babies, i am a little bit worried about one of the kitten. Why? Because the hands and feet seems to be not normal. It looks like cripple babies. Yai! I am curious a little bit why this happen? Hmmmph... i am not sure though!

Joy, the morning she deliver her babies (2). 
She did not know how to feed her babies. Pity with my cat. I thought it is a natural things for a mother to nurture her babies but seems to be i am wrong. This little friend don't know how to feed its own babies.

On the 8th Afternoon, the little one seems to be restless and waiting for its time..
One of the baby born with some abnormalities. Both hands and legs is not strong and looks like it is cripple. It is a female (i think so). Only feed once in the evening of 7th.

She was dead when i get back from work today. 
I didn't given them any name yet. But this little one already left me. But if she survive with this condition, she will not living well. So, it is also a good thing she died. Only hoping for another one to survive.

Only this one left with mommy. 
I am still not checking if this one is female or male. Joy still need me to help her feeding her baby. Odoi... how to left her alone at home this weekend? I need to go for some event tomorrow til Sunday. I am worried now.

Anyway, i hope she will survive with her baby. Will give this lil one names if she survive till Monday. Finger cross!

Update on 14th Sept 2011:
Both of my lil kittens dead already. Joy, the mum did not know how to take care of its own youngs. So, both dead by now. Pity lil kittens. 

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. so cute! furrball!!
    RIP little cute kitty..

  2. Vivi--nang kiut jak duak2 anak nya tok. Duak2 gik kontot ekornya. I wish they are alive but mati dah duak2.. :-(


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