About HIM

Being rough on him recently. Why? Not sure though. It is just a little disappointment when he was MIA for over a week. Sometimes, he is just can not understand me, but i don't want him to understand me because i am simply complicated to be understood. So, i don't mind about it. But, can he just tell me he is alright? He is just doing fine and celebrating raya with his family and friends? I don't bother to know more details of his movements but, still make sure you are in good health. Your mum is doing fine and your friends is doing fine. So, i will not worry.

Still, i can not stand it when he is doing thing like this. MIA again! The first time he was MIA, i can not reach his phone and no news from his friends. During that time, he is actually admitted to the hospital and the worse part i am the last person to know. Another time, he MIA again. He went back home, in rush because his mother fainted. No communication network at his kampong, so MIA again.

So, every time he MIA i will become worried and thinking about bad things happen to him or his family or his friends. But, did he knows that? Told him already but seems to be, it is okay for him to make me worried. Crazy la like this. So, what should  i do? Maybe i should put some telemetry chip on his legs/ arms so that i can track him down. Ha ha ha ha... Baru kau tau! Menjejak guna GPS saja. Nah kau!

Okay, enough About Him. Better get some sleep so tomorrow will not become Monday Blues. Back to work Monday!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. ....I was told by a friend that Men Love being tracked by women. I bet he anxiously waits for your calls...!!!

  2. Is it? ... I am sure he is... (^__*)


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