Giving VALUE to myself....

Did you ever face a problem valuing yourself? Especially when people ask, "What is your inner strength? What is your value? What is your personal qualities?"....  I find it is difficult for me to see any good values in myself. Why? Maybe because i am the one who look down on my own personalities and did not given any values of myself.

I find it is very difficult for me to write any good things about myself when i write my resume or curriculum vitae. Especially when i need to write about my personal qualities (mau pi promote yang diri tu bagus bah kan so la susah ni..). If people compliment me of my good work or my look that day, i feel grateful and appreciate it but at the same time i feel ashamed of myself. Maybe too low self-esteem. Need to gain some more self-confident and self-esteem la like this.

Okay, i find this article is very motivating and i hope it will help you guys too if you face the same problem as mine. I am in the process of accepting myself of who i am and be grateful of it. Giving VALUE to myself!

Consider the following acts of personal acknowledgment: 
You know your boundaries and you hold them. If necessary, you enforce them. And you keep the delicate balance between boundaries that are too rigid or too flexible. 
You routinely ask yourself, "What do I need? What do I want?" Then you act on the answers to those questions. 
If you experience moments of doubt, you solicit outside feedback. You ask friends and colleague to tell you about your strengths. 
You think well of yourself. If you (or your inner critic) make unkind statements, you disregard them. This is different than reflecting on what worked and didn't work in a given situation, finding out that you've hurt someone's feelings or deciding to do something differently in the future. People who value themselves are not perfect — they do make mistakes and harbor human blindspots.
Read more about this article at Give Yourself the Gift of Value by Claudette Rowley. 

So value yourself — it's universally beneficial. <--------- i think i really and MUST DO THIS!!!! 

Lets give ourself a GIFT OF VALUE guys!!!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. "Learning to love the greatest love of all."

  2. your self worth is your net worth!

    I understand what you are trying to say. I guess Im having the same problem also. People ask me what you can offer? whats your strength... i really dont know...

    Perhaps in due time we will fine a way to get to know ourself better =)

    Happy Friday!

  3. i always love myself even sometimes i had no confidence in myself.. but at the end, the best judges for valuing our self is no one else than our own self! :)
    i'm your 78th follower! :)

  4. @situapui--when it is so difficult to accept ourself for who we are and regrets of all the failures in life, will make it is very difficult to LOVE ourself. But after all that is the best thing to start living a life by LOVING ourself. God bless. :-)

    @DC--We will find it on our time and in His Way.. God bless. :-)

    @LJ--It is great for you, for you have love for yourself. Just be yourself and for who you are. God bless... Yep you are the 78th follower.. Thanks for following me too.. :-)


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