Children ~ The Precious One

To share a few cute lil faces i met last week. The smile remind us our own childhood. Didn't you? Hope you will have a BIG SMILE on your face when you see these cute faces as i did when i took their pictures. (^____^)

A little boy playing by himself without noticing i took his photo.

Playing kids game, can't really remember what it was.

Trying to catch the tail of the dog but end up laughing out loud!

Do you know that the orange shirt girl is aunt for the other girl?

Even a piece of broken glass can became their toys!

He is not ready to become my model!

He act really COOL when i said be still, i want to take your photo!

She act CUTE when i took her photo.

She work hard catching the small fish. Do you see it in her hand?

Time for some rest and sleep!!!!!!

Boys give you their SMILES!
Hope you enjoy seeing this photos coz i love taking them. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Love to see their happy faces even though they live in serba serbi saja. May god bless the children..

  2. best jd budak, x byk benda perlu all the pics taken

  3. hi sis rose :) ow ni budak2..
    missing sma kg life ni...:)

  4. @marjaan manoon--Thank you. They are just lovely to be around and i can not hold myself to take photos of them!

    @Rose Flower--That is so true bah. They are just happy around their parents and eventhough they living in a so and so punya keadaan. Reminds me of my own childhood bah ni.

    @Frouline Aging--Bila kita tgk budak, kita rasa best jadi budak. Tp kalau kita tanya tu budak, dorang akan cakap best jadi orang besar, ada kereja ada kereta ada umah ada duit sendiri. Point of view pasti akan berbeza kan? :-)

    @Sabrina Iyna--Hai Sis :-). Thanks for revisit sya juga. Best kan tgk durang. Dulu sya penah suruh lagi durang menari.. he he he... Kalau missing kampung life, take some time to balik kampung la. Homestay pun dah banyak di Sbh skrg. Have some vacation with family or friends. :-)

  5. Lovely candid pictures! kids are always photogenic.


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