How many times in  a year you have this feeling? DEMOTIVATE..... In your work, study, business etc. In many ways we are human lol and for sure this feeling will come by when something come along our way. The people we are work with, the management, the suppliers, the teachers, the education systems etc will somehow affect us in so many ways too. One of it, demotivate.

I Google the meaning of this word just to make sure i got it right, so according to Macmillan Dictionary (Online) this word is a verb define as to make someone lose their enthusiasm and interest. So, i got it right then! I hope so. :-)

Most of the time i get demotivate about my work. Maybe you also face the same thing as well when things are not well at work. I plan, i take action, i work hard to get the results but sometimes it end up stuck somewhere because of some problems that i can not solve (because it is not my jurisdiction to do so). So, end up, i feel like giving up and let it be like that. No more enthusiasm, no more interest about that work. Better to let go? Or run away? Arghhh... i already told myself i will not run away from problem anymore but at certain point when that problem is like a huge mountain (just like Mount Kinabalu) and i don't have the strentgh to fight over it, better to step back and walk away! 

Did i rants something that not making sense to you this early in the morning guys? If i do, i feel sorry about it! Started my day with not so good word to begin with but anyway, i just want to express it out here.

Anyway, Hope you guys have a productive day at work, at school, at business and in whatever you do. BE STRONG and STAND STRAIGHT! Till then! God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


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